Sunday, April 6, 2008

What will be Achieved

• 10 million trees will reduce 250,000MTof carbon annually in the atmosphere.

• 10 million trees will provide oxygen to sustain up to 40 million people annually.

• The nation will regain its green cover dramatically.

The Numbers

• The cost of planting and nurturing a tree for 5 years is US$2 per tree.

• So planting and nurturing 10 million trees will amount to US$20 million over a 5 year period.

Making the Objectives Real

• Setting up a Project Office, and dedicating Full Time Project Resources
• Appointing Community Based Field Officers to guide, monitor and communicate progress,
replacements & status
• Allocating Funds for Seedlings, Fertilizer and other expenses to be disbursed through the local
Rotary Clubs
• Creating a database of trees endemic to the areas.
• Providing regular updates to Donors & Stakeholders via Blogs and Email.

A Closer Look

Empowering Rural Women

Home Gardens - Providing rural women with seedlings to create their own home gardens, which will sustain them with income, food, firewood and fodder.Community Nurseries - Setting these up for rural women groups and in turn making them a source of seedlings for the project.Community Orchards - Partnering with rural women groupsto set up orchards which will prove to be income earners for them through the sale of fruit.

Forest Conservation & De-forestation
Employing rural people, mainly women, to plant trees in degraded natural forests, and rain forestsLobbying policy makers to strengthen the law against illicit logging and enforce the lawLobbying the Government to seek payment from overseas funding agencies for maintaining forestsInvolving volunteer groups to plant trees in forests.Encouraging people to have forest gardens by supplying them with seedlings and fertilizer

Coast Conservation
• Building a wind cover with trees along the coast.

• Employing rural women and also through volunteers.
• Maintaining the trees through volunteer groups.
• Preventing the logging of coastal trees and clearing of vegetation through coastal protection
• Carrying out awareness on coast conservation.

Awareness & Education on Global Warming
•Carrying out awareness campaigns through the media and group discussions.
•Spreading knowledge through seminars.
•Distributing educational kits to school childrenInvolving school children in planting trees.
•Organizing art competitions on global warming in schools

Positioning Sri Lanka as a Tourism Earth Lung
•Guilt free travel for tourists through carbon offsetting
•Enabling tourists to purchase and plant trees, visit in village households and understand the
local culture.
•The seedlings will be made available at resort hotels.
•Tourists will be encouraged to plant trees while nature trails and camping sites will also be set
up for them to enjoy the bio diversity.
•Tourists who cannot plant trees will be able to buy tree vouchers, available in city & resort
hotels and with tour operators.

Secondary Objectives

• Empowerment of Rural Women
• Forest Conservation and Reforestation
• Coast Conservation
• Awareness & Education of Global Warming at the Grass root level
• Increasing Inbound Tourism positioning Sri Lanka as a Tourism Earth Lung

Primary Objective

To reduce Global Warming by carbon reduction in the atmosphere by planting and nurturing 10 million trees in Sri Lanka over the next 5 years.

Project Mission

To control and reduce the environmental damage that has endangered and continues to endanger our planet and ensure a greener and sustainable world for future generations.

Rotary Green Cover

In the next 40 years, 40% of the Artic ice will melt away and oceans levels will rise by 20 feet,
a direct result of Global Warming.
In 1936 Winston Churchill said something significant “We are entering a period of consequences.
So, what we initiate today, will have a lasting impact on our tomorrows… good or bad.”

One practical solution is Increasing the Earth’s Tree Coverand we can begin this in Sri Lanka.
An initiative to Plant & Nurture Ten Million Trees in Sri Lanka. A Project by Rotary District 3220, Rotary Club of Colombo Regency, Rotary Club of Kandy & Sri Lanka Tourism.